Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lanolips - Intense Golden Ointment Review

Hello to all my lovely readers!!
I'm finally back in action! The last two weeks have been crazy as being away on holidays at the midterm stopped me from blogging and of course my college assignments took priority last week (yawn) !!
So FINALLY this week I get to bring you something I think is AMAZING and very much needed this time of year!!

Lanolips Intense Golden Ointment 

So firstly I should start by saying I did not buy this from a shop or online. How I got my hands on this beauty was subscribing to GLOSSYBOX. Basically this company comes together with amazing brands from all around the world to bring you amazing products at half the price! I have subscribed to the £10 (€18) a month plan and every month I recieve a gorgeous box with 5 FULL SIZE products inside! Before sending items they will also ask for hair colour, skin colour, skin type and much more to ensure you get the best possible product for you!! 

So.. What is Lanolips? 
Lanolips is a brand created by Kirsten Carriol from South Australia!! Kirsten spent her childhood on a sheep farm where her love for natural ingredients blossomed from father. She sent a long time making this product perfect and in my opinion she has done just that perfectly!!

Lanolin is a Fatty substance that comes from freshly shorn sheep wool! It is commonly used to  moisturizer, treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly and itchy skin. This natural ingredient is just amazing and really will help with dry areas! But in this Ointment Kirsten has also added MANUKA HONEY,
 we all know how amazing that is !!

So this Intense moisturizer is packed with 60% lanolin, manuka honey and vitamin E! 
This moisturizer is thick in consistency so less is more in this case!! It has also been proved to last up to 48 hours!! WOW!! From using this just a week I have seen a huge difference in the hydration of my skin! I apply a small amount on my finger and use circular motions on my nose and forehead! Winter has always been my skins enemy.. But not anymore!!
So if you suffer with rough, dry or dull skin pick yourself up a tube of this gorgeous moisturizer!
This can be used ANYWHERE on the body

Get your own tube here at BOOTS for just €20, below is a link where you can buy this product and many more from the Lanolips range.

I hope you have enjoyed reading guys 

Until next week,

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