Wednesday, 20 April 2016

No.7 Microdermabrasion Exfoliator Part 2 of my Skincare Routine!

Hello lovelie!!
I'm back with the second part of my favourite skincare at the moment that you all loved on my snapchat!
Today's it's the No7 Microdermabrasion scrub! 

So for those of you that might not know a whole lot about this treatment that is available in some salons that provide machines, worry not!!! 
Microdermabrasion as a machine is mechanical exfoliation that removes the Stratum Corneum layer of this skin. This is the barrier layer that protects the skin but by exfoliating deeper into the skin (You should apply an SPF after use for this reason) You are basically asking the skin to kick start everything to provide new cells to help with things like;

Fine lines • Dry skin • Crows feet (eyes)  • Stimulate cell renewal •Even skin tone • Work against dark areas • Sun damage and Blemished skin 
Just to name a few.

This is in my opinion a very mild form of an anti aging treatment and the perfect way to keep your skin looking young, fresh and overall in better condition.

So when I seen BOOTS had this treatment in a SCRUB form contained in a bottle I had to try it!
This little bottle of goodness claims to  work well after just 4 uses! 
I can total say using this with my other two favourite products of this month my skin has never felt better. I was surprised to see that the real micro beads are used in this scrub, which makes sense but I wasn't sure what to expect. Because I had been leaning a lot about this treatment in collage and using the machines I wasn't sure how it could work in this form.. But it does! And has for me! 

Within the box you find the instructions on how to use this. But it's very similar to the machine in use. Simply using circular motions with and against fine lines! But all that will be explained in the box!! 

This SHOULD NOT be used if you are using high percentages of Glycolic acid (at home or salons) or if you have sun burn!! 

Lastly I should let you all know that this is suitable for all skin types. Even sensitive as the No.7 range is Hypo-Allergenic meaning even the most sensitive skins can use this product and many more from their range! 

The price tag for this must have product is €15! Comparing this to a salon machine starting from €50 and UP this is an absolute bargain for your skin and pocket! I love this product for the price, the results and the little amount of product needed that goes a long way! 

If you have any questions regarding this product don't hesitate in messaging myself! Otherwise I hope you've enjoyed this read and you're feeling motivated to look after you skin for the summer months!! 

That's all from me!
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NOT A PAID POST- Product bought with my own money. 

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