Wednesday, 2 December 2015

PS... Makeup Brushes from Penny's X

Hello again!
Today's post is going to be on some goodies I recieved at the weekend when I attended the first ever Bloggers Meet Up in Waterford!! 
Each blogger recieved two goodie bags jam packed with lovely products!
But today I will be filling you in on the lovely brushes from the PS range from
Extremely affordable with a new improved quality!
Lets go!

Foundation and Concealer brush (double ended)

So the larger flat ended side is the side you use to apply your foundation. The soft fibers allow for an even, streak free complexion. I personally don't use this side for foundation as I prefer a dense stippling brush but what I do like to use this side for is to apply a cream contour under the cheek bone as it gives a precise line that can be blended out!

Concealer side

This side is the smaller flat ended side that can be used to apply concealer under the eye, down the nose and on the Cupid's bow (above the lip). This is a nice size brush to use as it is small enough to be used on smaller areas (under the inner corner of the eye). 

Double ended stippling brush

This is definietly my favourite of the three!! 
I use the fluffy angled side to buff and blend out the line created by the previous brush for contouring as I think it works very well for me!! You could also use this to apply foundation!

The smaller dense side above is also a favourite of mine. I think this side is great for blending in concealer if you don't like to use a beauty blender sponger (I've only recently started using mine) 
It will give an even finish as it blends into your foundation. 
I had this brush before getting another at the event and I'm delighted to have another!

Contour Brush

Last but by no means least!! Another contour brush!! As many of these brushes can be used to contour, I prefer as I said a stronger dense brush for that.
Therefore I think this fab fluffy brush is perfect for applying a blush to the apples on your cheeks.
When applying blush I do so in circular motions but I also like to slightly blend into my contour, this will give a gradual look to your blush and will not leave any harsh lines!!

These brushes are fab for the price rang from €2.50 to €3!! They sell out very fast when in stores so if you do manage to see a full shelf of them definietly pick one up while you can.
Also a massive thank you to Pennys for generously giving us a fab little goodie bag that also included my favourite individual lashes along with a blush and highlighter!!

If you would like to see more pictures from the event simply search #DeiseBloggers into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you will also see many of the other lovely bloggers that attended! 

Until next time!!

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Zoella - Scrubbing Me Softly Review

 Hello to my lovely followers!

I have to apologies  for being so quite lately but as you all know I am in my last year of college, getting ready for Cidesco exams and of course that has been the main focus over the last two weeks!!
But as I'm getting through it all now rather than later I'm finally getting the time to show you my FAVOURITE body scrub ever whilst I drink my 'tay' or tea (so Irish) and let this face mask set!!
So lets get started!

So the many of you may know of the lovely beauty and fashion blogger 'Zoella'. I firstly came across her on Youtube with many videos on Hair, Makeup, Skincare and much more!! So when I saw her range in Pennys (Primark) I had to pick something up! 
And of course it was the amazing body scrub!

I only have good things to say about this stuff!! If you're like me a prefer a tougher kind of scrub then this is for you!! I find some body scrubs are very light and don't exfoliate like I want it to! So when I first picked this up I wasn't expecting much as being disappointed with other left me thinking all products would be the same. But I was very wrong about that!
This scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,, seriously! 

The texture is a soft cream but not running by any means! There is no mess or fuss with this scrub (which again made me so happy)!
The exfoliating beads are course and jam packed in this tube which allows for the amazing effect on the body! 
The smell is fab as it describes on the tube as 'fruity' and enriched with blueberries and I can 100% back this up as I love the smell it leave on my skin!
ALSO this scrub is packed with Acai and Cocoa butter- And we all know how amazing cocoa butter is on the skin!!

If your still not sold on this I'll add that this is the perfect prep for Tanning! I use nothing else but this scrub before applying false tan and my skin has never looked so radiant! It will leave you with a smooth, even finish, smelling yummy and overall glowing!!

This scrub can be bought in penny's for €8.50 or you can purchase online at Cloud 10 Beauty for €9.99..

Also if you would like to see Zoella's blog I have left the link below, Her blog and website is amazing and full of great tips!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review on my favourite body scrub ever!! 
I promise you won't regret buying this as it is a must have in every bathroom!!

Until next time,


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lanolips - Intense Golden Ointment Review

Hello to all my lovely readers!!
I'm finally back in action! The last two weeks have been crazy as being away on holidays at the midterm stopped me from blogging and of course my college assignments took priority last week (yawn) !!
So FINALLY this week I get to bring you something I think is AMAZING and very much needed this time of year!!

Lanolips Intense Golden Ointment

So firstly I should start by saying I did not buy this from a shop or online. How I got my hands on this beauty was subscribing to GLOSSYBOX. Basically this company comes together with amazing brands from all around the world to bring you amazing products at half the price! I have subscribed to the £10 (€18) a month plan and every month I recieve a gorgeous box with 5 FULL SIZE products inside! Before sending items they will also ask for hair colour, skin colour, skin type and much more to ensure you get the best possible product for you!!

So.. What is Lanolips? 
Lanolips is a brand created by Kirsten Carriol from South Australia!! Kirsten spent her childhood on a sheep farm where her love for natural ingredients blossomed from father. She sent a long time making this product perfect and in my opinion she has done just that perfectly!!

Lanolin is a Fatty substance that comes from freshly shorn sheep wool! It is commonly used to  moisturizer, treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly and itchy skin. This natural ingredient is just amazing and really will help with dry areas! But in this Ointment Kirsten has also added MANUKA HONEY,
 we all know how amazing that is !!

So this Intense moisturizer is packed with 60% lanolin, manuka honey and vitamin E! 
This moisturizer is thick in consistency so less is more in this case!! It has also been proved to last up to 48 hours!! WOW!! From using this just a week I have seen a huge difference in the hydration of my skin! I apply a small amount on my finger and use circular motions on my nose and forehead! Winter has always been my skins enemy.. But not anymore!!
So if you suffer with rough, dry or dull skin pick yourself up a tube of this gorgeous moisturizer!
This can be used ANYWHERE on the body

Get your own tube here at BOOTS for just €20, below is a link where you can buy this product and many more from the Lanolips range.

I hope you have enjoyed reading guys 

Until next week,

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My October Favourites

Hello again and welcome back!!
Today I'm going to talk about my October favourites! YAY

I tried my best to pick as little as possible but that proved to be very difficult for me because there are so many!! So lets get going :)

Urban Decay Vice Palette

I love this palette for many reasons! But the main one being the shades inside! Each shade can be altered for a day OR night look! Which is why it come everywhere with me, literally! This palette starts the neutral warm shades and ends the dramatic ones! You cannot go wrong with this palette and it is definitely my favourite out of all the Urban Decay palettes!
Get yours for just 48euro!!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay done it again! This primer is AMAZING! I've been using this primer for years now and I still to this day will not use any other primer! I really goes give your shadow lasting power all day/night and makes it so much more intense! I love it
This travel size is just 12euro!! BARGIN

Inglot Freedom Palette 

Okay , I know it is another palette but forgive me I LOVE these shades! I bought this palette in Dundrum, Dublin where I was assisted by a lovely girl who's name I didn't catch :( ! The empty palette itself was 14euro, And the shades each are 6euro ! Although I bought the palette and dark brown shade in store (I didn't get the number) I then bought the remaining shades (383,310 and 450) online because they were sold out in store! I looked everywhere for a burnt orange shade and had to have this when I saw it! Come on who doesn't want to put all their favourite shades in one palette for such a great price!

Urban Decay All Nighter
Setting Spray

I love this setting spray! So much I won't use any other! This really does make your makeup last! I tend to spray this on my face BEFORE and AFTER my makeup! And when I say it does not budge I mean it!! Since using this I never have to retouch my makeup on a night out or whenever I use this product! Its a must and again because this is the travel size it retails at just 12euro!
Another great bargin!

Inglot YSM Pressed Powder
No. 47

Looking for a powder that will make you glow? Here it is! I bought this online for just 10euro in the sale!! I love to use this for contouring as it gives my skin the perfect warmth with the touch on shimmer within it!! A little goes a long way so I can see myself not needing a new one for a long time!! LOVE!

MAC Soft&Gentle

Where does I start with this product? This highlighter is gorgeous! It will give the perfect glow!
I like to use this on the high points of my face like the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose, brow bone and the cupids bow on my lips! It looks a little messy in my picture as I dropped it and recently fix it (find in my blog list) but since fixing it I have not stopped using it!
Retailing at 31 euro! (So worth it)

NYX HD Concealer 

This photogenic concealer is just amazing! Coverage is brilliant! I use one of the lightest shade which is 02. I use this everyday with a loose white powder and it really brightens up the eye area and bridge of the nose!! Most chemists stock NYX and is retailing at around 8euro!

MAC Lipstick in MYTH

This is my favourite nude lippy EVER!! I just love it! I feels so hydrating on my lips as it glides on so well! I would suffer with dry lips all year round but this lippy works so well with dryness! I like to use this in the middle of my lips using a dark shade of liner on the outside creating an ombre affect! 
This retails at around 20euro (Treat yourself)

Artdeco Blush
Salmon No. 07

If you're like me prefer your blush to be a peachy tone then look no further!! This blush is my go to!
Peachy tones work better with my blonde hair and give more of a glow to my skin which is why I prefer it to a pink blush! This shade just suits me better! Therefore if you're looking for warmth rather than a bright colour then this tone is for you!
Retailing at 11.30 euro

Pennys Ps 
Double head contour brush

The PS Primark range is amazing! When I saw this brush for just 2.50 I grabbed it!! I use the flat dense side to buffer my concealer in and the angled side to contour areas like my nose and chin! I love this brush I cannot get over the quality for such a little price tag! It is a must for your makeup bag!!

So that's all my October Favourites! These have been my go to products lately and most are within a great price range!! Hope you've enjoyed this read!
Until next time,


Friday, 16 October 2015

No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror

Hi Beauties
Welcome back to my blog!! 

Tonight I thought I would talk about something I got as a gift from my lovely boyfriend that I use literally every single day!! And with the dark mornings coming in, the feature it has is going to come in handy!!
Its the Boots No.7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror

So since getting this mirror in June it has not left my makeup desk! I use this everyday to apply my makeup or even pluck/wax my eyebrows as one side magnifies by 5x!! How amazing
So all this mirror requires is a plug nearby to switch the light on at the back!
 I also love the fact that no batteries are required!

This light also give the affect of that '' Dressing room look '' due to the the Illuminating bulbs! The lighting is also perfect for ANY kind of makeup look!
So what can it do?
  • Eliminates any glares or shadows
  • 5x magnification side 
  • 360 degree lighting around mirror 
  • Swivel motion so you can adjust the mirror your preferred angle 
  • 2 year guarantee

So can you now see why I love this mirror?? Everyone should have one and does not have to be used to apply makeup!!
So in Boots this mirror can be purchased for 34.99 euro down from 69.99 euro! 
HELLO another bargin!!
Below I have left a link directly to purchase

So that's my favourite makeup desk mirror! Everyone needs I can't stress enough how amazing it is! So get yours will the deal is on at 34.99 euro!!

Until next time,

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fuschia Makeup 12 Piece PRO Brush Set

Hello lovely ladies 
Happy Tuesday!!
Today I thought I would talk about these amazing brushes I picked up at the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS Dublin. I attended the first day which was Sunday the 11th of October. There were amazing deals and it is a great show for anyone with a salon to attended (Back in March 2016) but I only picked up what I needed which was a Wax Kit, Teeth whitener (was not on the list hehe) and of course these amazing brushes! I am in LOVE so let me tell you why!

First of all, Fuschia Makeup is an Irish makeup company, and being Irish myself of course I am going to support my own! Gillian Moore is the brains behind the company and because of her love for makeup and business, Fuschia Makeup was born! There are shops and salons in areas like Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland and Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Fuschia can be found in many pharmacies around Ireland as they are stocked in every country! WOW and also the UK since 2014!!

So when I seen the Fuschia Makeup stall at the show I had to purchase something!! The deals were just amazing! Many palettes were under 20 euro like shadows, contours etc. which is brilliant for such good quality! 
But back on track I seen they had their 12 piece brush set which is their PRO set on offer for 25 euro usually retailing at 45 euro MAJOR BARGIN ! I couldn't leave it there, For Christmas two years ago my mother bought me brushes from Fuschia that I STILL use everyday! They have kept their shape and quality all this time!
In this 12 piece brush set included:
Fluffy Foundation Brush
Flat Foundation Brush
Fluffy Blusher Brush
Fluffy Angled Brush (Perfect for Contour)
Angled Brow Brush
Lip Brush
8 Shadow Brushes  

You will also get this PRO brush kit in a perfect pencil case like holder that also has a middle pocket for other brushes that you may want to carry around. Therefore EVERYTHING you have can be put into your case.. How cool is that?
I have already used these brushes since buying them and I really am in love! So much that I am going to go and spend money on their website right now!!
If you would like to check out there website for amazing products here is the link directly

I hope this blog post has converted you to the world of Fuschia Makeup like me!! I am so happy with my purchase that I had to tell you all about it!!
Until next time,

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to make your OWN lipstick palette!

Hello lovely ladies!

So today's blog is going to be on DIY (yay)!! I love anything to do with DIY so if you're interested in this type of work then keep on  reading.
Today's project is on... ''How to make your very own lipstick palette''! This is perfect for putting all your favourite shades into one place. Travel easily with it or even make this for a friend for a birthday or Christmas present! 
So lets go!!

What you will need for this project
  • An empty palette
  • All your favourite lipstick shades to de-pot
  • Lit candle or tealight candle
  • Knife
  • An old Spoon
  • Towel to work on

Step one : Place your towel down on your area to make sure your work space does not get ruined. Clean all equipment you will be using (ie. Knife, spoon and palette! Hygiene is everything!)

Step two : Firstly you will have to clean your empty palette. I got my palette from Ebay for two euro! Sanitise the empty pots to ensure you are transferring your lipsticks go into a clean pot!

Step three : Pick the first lipstick you want to use. I started with a light shade to make the palette flows nicely starting with nudes. Take your knife and cut half of your lipstick (the amount may vary depending on how deep your pot is) place the cut lipstick onto your clean spoon.

Step four : Light your candle, I used a tea light candle as I found it easier to use!! Once the flame has calmed down place your spoon with the lipstick over the candle. *NOTE* Do not put the spoon directly on the flame! Have the spoon 2-3 inches over the flame. Keep the spoon moving in a circular motion as the lipstick starts to melt. Do not let the lipstick bubble or boil as this will change the composition of the lipstick which will ruin it and leave bubbles in the pot. 

Step five : Once your lipstick has fully melted place the spoon over the pot and slowly pour into the pot! Fill to the top and leave to dry for 10-15 minutes. 

Step six : Continue all the above for your next lipstick!!

That's it!! So simply and effective. For anyone that may be worried about ruining their lipstick I promise you this will NOT destroy your lipstick. The only way this may damage your lipstick is if you let it boil so do this with care! 
Powder products may also be used but this is a different process therefore if you would like to see a blog on how to do so let me know!!
Also, Over on my Facebook is a 30 second video showing you how to depot and melt your lipstick so head over there for more posts and a fabulous competition running until the 16th of October!! 
Link is below. 

I hope you liked this DIY tip and enjoy putting all your favourite shades together!!
Until next time

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Monday, 5 October 2015

My Favourite Skincare Products

Happy Monday to all my lovely followers and welcome back!

Weekend blue's kicking in? 
Are you in need of some facial TLC? Look no further beauties, I'm going to show you all my favourite products that I have been using the last couple months with no complaints!
Lets go...


So my all time favourite cleanser has to be the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Cleansing Milk! This cleanser does exactly what it say on the bottle and melts away any makeup whilst extracting clogged pores! This formula also has a detoxifying affect on the skin, So can you see why it's my all time favourite? It has taken me a while to find the perfect cleanser and this for me is it! A bonus to this product is the amazing smell! So if you're looking for an easy product that won't stop you taking off your makeup after a night out because it takes too long then this is it! So quick and easy retailing on OFFER at 5.66 in Boots Ireland.. Boots have amazing offers all year around therefore I don't go anywhere else!


Next for my Face Scrub is Botanics Purifying Face Scrub by Boots. I use the All Bright range with the brightening hibiscus. This face scrub will ''buff away any impurities'' and that it does! I use this face scrub at least twice a week to give my skin a clear even complexion, I would recommend this to any skin type as in my opinion this product is not too harsh on the skin! I did use the matching cleanser and moisturiser for a while but for me they didn't work well. But this scrub is definitely worth buying as it won't break the bank retailing at just 2.99 which is brilliant value! Give it a try!

Mud Mask / Face Mask

I'm in love! My all time favourite face mask has to be the Canaan Minerals & Herbs Mud Mask this stuff is GOLD! As it is for normal to oily skin it has suited me perfect for summer as my skin tends to takes from oily to dry in the winter. The minerals used come from the Dead Sea and we all know the amazing minerals that come from it!! Zinc, iodine, calcium and potassium are all needed for our skin. This mask stimulates blood circulation so it will tingle, regenerates skin cells and removes all signs of skin fatigue. I just love it!! I use this once or twice a week depending on my skin, it will tingle so be prepared, The benefits from this mask are huge. I got mine from TKMAXX for just 5.99 what a bargin!


Again from the Canaan Minerals & Herbs range I use their Nourishing Cream every morning and night. I love this cream as a little goes a long way nor will it leave you feeling greasy. This cream is very hydrating as all the same minerals from above are used. I have falling in love with this Dead Sea product, my skin has never looked so good and glowing! Picking up again in TKMAXX for just 5.99

Body Butter

More Soap & Glory what a surprise! Their gorgeous Righteous Butter is my absolute favourite! I picked up the small travel tube to bring everywhere with me. This product has Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to make your skin glow. I apply after my shower, in the morning and before tanning!! LOVE IT! Pick yours up at Boots Ireland for just 3.49! (Bigger tubes are available for around 12).

So that's it for my skincare products. I use these every day/week with no complaints!! All products are in a very good price rang so what are you waiting for? 
Happy shopping

Until next time


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Autumn Colours to make your smile POP!!

Welcome back!

So for today's blog post I'm going to talk about Autumn/Winter colour's that will make your teeth appear brighter! I myself am obsessed with using darker shades to make my smile brighter, because we all know, the first thing we see when talking to somebody is their smile.
I could talk all day about makeup so to avoid you getting bored I'm going to just get struck right in!
So lets go....!!

The first lipstick I'm going to talk about is;
Starry-eyed number 128 by Rimmel

This is possibly my favourite lipstick to wear on a night out! I have worn it so many times and will still always choose it when looking for a DEEP red/berry colour lip. This lipstick will not dry out your lips as it has a smooth/creamy finish but also has a slight matte look to it when on the lip. The intense colour will last all night as minimal topping up is needed! My only downfall for this is that it does transfer onto glasses (and boyfriends) haha!! So keep it in your handbag for a quick top up!! 
This lippy can be bought in the chemist/boots or penny's (primark) and retails at around 6 euro.
Overall this lippy is a 9/10 for me! LOVE IT

Next up;
Exxxaggerate number 792 by Sleek

Okay girls if you're looking for the perfect DUPE for Mac's Heroine then this is it! I am in love with it!! This purple lipstick will definitely make for the perfect smile as this deep and bright purple will contrast with sparkling white teeth. As this lipstick is only matte, applying a balm before hand is definitely needed as it can be drying on the lips but the plus side to this lipstick is it does not budge! Seriously.. It won't even transfer which is a major plus!! This lipstick can also be bought in most chemists if they stock Sleek and retails at around 6.49 euro.
Again this lipstick gets a 9/10 for me!

Number three on the list;
Sand storm by Wet n Wild

These two colours featured on my facebook page this week as a Kylie Jenner lip colour, So you all know what colour these are! Of course the popular brown tones!! I have been looking for a brown tone lipstick for so long now and I found the perfect colour in these two. They are a smooth cream finish again that will transfer but colour will STAY all day. Moch-licious is a deeper brown perfect for the winter nights and Sand storm is a lighter sand brown more suitable for the day time. Either way both these colours will make your smile pop!! I have never been so impressed as these retail at just 2.99 (euro) YES I know.. I couldn't believe it either! Such a bargin. These can be picked up at any Wet n Wild counters but I got mine in penny's (primark) and by the looks of the stock there selling fast so get them while you can!!
For me these are definitely worth a 10/10 HELLO BARGIN

Its lip liner time! First up;
Artdeco Soft lip liner in number 17

This crayon lip liner is perfect to stop any bleeding of your lipstick. This liner has a light shimmer to it therefore I would recommend using this as a day time liner. It is very hydrating on the lip and also waterproof! This liner will last you weeks and can be bought at the Artdeco counter in Debenhams currently on sale at their website for 10 euro!
I rate this at 7/10 as I'm not a fan of shimmer lip liners but this is definitely a must 

Last but not least;
PS nude lip liner (pennys) see above picture

Bargin alert again!! This liner is my absolute favourite the last three or four months since I bought it. I literally use it everyday. The lasting power is great as it is matte and suits all of the lipsticks above as a base and liner! It comes everywhere with me. So do you want to hear the price.... 1.50 (euro) Again I know, unreal! This liner also comes in bright pink and blood red! I love this and you will to!
Definite 10/10 for me!  

So thats my favourite lipsticks/liners at the minute to make my teeth appear brighter! All of these products are great and won't break the bank! I'm so excited for winter to draw in so I can wear these colours every week. I hope you've enjoyed the read! 
Happy shopping ladies!

See you in the next one

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Monday, 28 September 2015

How to make cheap HOMEMADE face masks!

Happy Monday!!! 

Another week done and dusted. I thought today being a Monday everyone would need a little pick me up from the weekend (if you're like me and miss the weekend as soon as its gone), So with that being said I thought today I would blog about making your very own face masks from bits and pieces lying around your kitchen!
Lets get started...

So skincare for me is very important, looking after your skin should be something we all do even if you're male!! Many people complain in later years about how poorly their skin may be and this can be prevented so easily by using all your necessary products ie. Face wash, moisturiser, exfoliant, SPF and of course face masks!! Alternative options include facial machines but these options are fit better for skin aged 20 up.. (If you would like a blog on facial machines let me know!)

Because there are so many skin types doing I am going to provide ingredients for all skin types and how to mix your product.

**You will need a small bowl, face mask brush and a spoon or knife to mix products** 

Firstly cleanse and exfoliate your skin for these skins to penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin.

Normal skin
  • One banana 
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • One beaten egg
  1. Mash your banana up until soft, add honey with your beaten egg. Push through a sieve to ensure there are no lumps and apply to the face and neck. Leave to work on your face for 10-15 minutes.
  • This mask will help moisturise and soften your skin using all natural ingredients.

Dry skin
  • One egg yolk 
  • Almond oil (3-5 drops)
  1. Mix mask together and apply thinly to the face and neck. Leave for 10 minutes.
  • This masks will help descimate dead skin cells (dry patches) and refine skin texture leave it soft and silky.
Dry skin type 2
  • Two tablespoons of oats
  • Half cup of milk
  • Two teaspoons of elderflower water (toxin free, can be bought in chemists)
  1. Mix oats and milks together and heat in a pot or microwave until soft, Remove from the heat and add elderflower water then mix all ingredients together. Apply to the face and leave to work it's magic for 15-20 minutes. 
  • This mask will help deep cleanse and refine the skin which will also leave it soft and silky.
Greasy/oily skin
  • One egg yolk 
  • Lemon juice (3-4 drops)
  1. Mix together and apply to the face (do so with care as this mask will be drip)
  • This mask will tighten and stimulate the skin, will also have a mild bleaching effect with antispeptic agents, therefore darker skins must take care using this mask. Leave sit for 5-10 minutes.
Greasy/oily skin type 2
  • Half a cucumber
  • Freash orange juice or lemon juice 
  • Gauze
  1. Mash the cucumber until soft and mix with juice you choose. Apply to the face between two pieces of gauze. Leave to sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • This mask will tone and refine skin texture.
Above are 5 different face mask ingredients for 3 different skin types. Don't forget you can apply different masks to different areas for those of you with a combination skin! Don't forget to moisturise AFTER your face mask to complete the routine!
These masks are super easy and take as little as 5 minutes to prepare. Applying these before your bath have the ultimate relaxing effect *tip- 2-3 drops of lavender oil will make the body and mind relax even further*

I hope this blog post was useful for all reading, making face mask's is one of my favourite things to do especially when its this easy and cheap! I rope everyone around me into doing them (including my boyfriend). 
I will soon do a blog post on my favourite commercial but for now.. HAPPY DIY!!!

See you soon, 

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Friday, 25 September 2015

How to fix your broken powder!!

Welcome back!

That highlight!

So I recently posted my first blog and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who read my post! It really means a lot! So for my second post I thought I would give you an amazing tip on ALL your broken powders that you may of dropped. This means anything in powder form! So if your'e interested in doing a DIY job on your makeup then keep reading!

So I recently dropped my all time favourite highlighter Mac 'soft and gentle'. To say I was devastated is an understatement as I had only bought it and retailing at 30 euro I was not buying another so I needed a quick fix. After loads of research I found something so easy that I had to try and I'm so happy I did!

Firstly your'e going to need:
  • Your broken powder
  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) 
  • One small plastic bag
  • Knife and spoon
PS. Vodka, nail varnish remover will NOT work. Rubbing alcohol will only work as it will dry out fast and can be bought in any chemist or salon supply stores.

  1. After you have your area set up (prepare for mess) take your broken powder and pour in any of the loose powder that is mostly likely in lumps into the plastic sandwich bag.
  2. Next step is to scrap out any of the remaining powder that will be left around the edges leaving no waste!! And again the remainder is going into the same sandwich bag.
  3. Clean out your compact using sanitiser (salvon and water) or any anti-bacterial soap to ensure your new powder will be going into a clean compact.
  4. This step is really important, close the sanwich bag that you poured your powder into and gently press a spoon down onto the enclosed powder. Do this until your powder is lump free and smooth! It should almost look like dust!
  5. Open your bag and you can either pour the powder into your compact OR use a spoon to pick up the powder and pour it in, I like to use the spoon as it makes less mess and gathers nicely in the middle of the compact.  
  6. Again use the spoon or knife to press out any lumps you may of missed and spread around the compact.
  7. This is where your rubbing alcohol comes to play, pour one cap full into the middle of your powder and mash it up, add another cap full and mash a second time. After this step your ccompact should look like a liquid foundation but thick in consistancy.
  8. Smooth out using a knife or spoon
  9. Leave open to set and dry out! This may take an hour or longer, the longer you leave to set the better!
  10. Once you think it is dry place a cotton pad or tissue onto the powder gently to ensure all moisture is gone.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS I hope you're as happy as I was! Your powder should be 100% useable again 

  Can you believe how easy that is? I hope this has helped you fix all your favourite makeup products and as I said this will work for ANY powder product! If you decide to give this a go let me know how you get on as I would love some feedback! That's it for today DIY tip I hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading :) 
Until next time

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My first blogpost

Firstly, Hello to my lovely new followers! 

I want to just say a really big THANK YOU for coming this far and actually wanting to read what I have to say about this nerve wrecking journey I'm about to start! As this is my very first blog spot I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and give you all a little bit of information on me and tell you what exactly is in store!

I suppose the first thing to start off with is the basics! I'm 20 years old living in Waterford, Ireland and have a huge love for the beauty industry. I have always enjoyed the girly side to things and as I got older I realised I wanted to have a career in the beauty industry.

Applying to Beauty Therapy last year was nerve wrecking as I would not of been a huge fan of secondary school, it worried me to think of another two years in a class environment and if I was taking the right path, and luckily, I did! I loved every bit of my first year including the assignments which surprised me even more, but it was then I knew this was the right career path for me. 
As I now get into my second week of second year the pressure is on to succeed and all my hard work together to pass all my very important exams ie.CIDESCO to name just one.

So with that being said this blog is going to cover everything beauty related! I'm going to focus on cheap alternative options because being a student myself I know money can come into things a lot! But also, I want my blog to branch out into every age group and gender so there will always be somethings for everyone! Therefore my posts will include:
  • Homemade products
  • DIY beauty tips
  • Bargains of any sort makeup/fashion etc.
  • Makeup tips and looks
 To name just a few. I will throw in the odd posts of things in between beauty and anything I find interesting/trending at the time. I wanted to keep my first blog short and sweet and to let you all know what will be coming in the near future.
So again, A huge thank you to you reading this, it means an awful lot have even one person reading and I hope to give you loads of brilliant and useful information I learn throughout my final year in college!
Until next time,