Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Blog Shaming - Newest Trend!

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Today's blog post is going to be more of a chat and what's been coming to my attention a lot recently!!
When I say blog shaming I'm talking about all those people who have recently been taking to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to shame those of us who have taking the plunge to put ourselves out there, start a blog and talk about things we love,.. And what's wrong with that? 
**If you don't like rants I recommend you stop reading now**

Ok so this has been the main focus to a lot of people recently, that all bloggers are in it for the freebies, and that all bloggers get freebies! THIS IS NOT TRUE!!
Since I started my own blog back in October I have only received one item to trial and two following items as a thank you. I never started this blog to receive free products, I started my own to put my thought on a page rather than having friends ask me how I do certain things (which I got a lot)! A blog seemed like an easier way to show people bits and bobs. With that being said, if you are thinking by starting a blog you'll receive free items I can tell you'll be very disappointed. Companies will not just send there products to any owl blogger! And if you've reach a certain number of people on your blog and it may have landed you a nice product, good on you I say! This blogging world ain't easy, and likes/shares don't just fall out of the sky!! Blogging takes time and effort just like I'm doing now to write this. I'll tell you now that this post won't land me a luxurious product! 

I personally feel beauty bloggers get the most stick!! That everyone all of a sudden knows everything about makeup and skincare etc. It really puts the people down that go to college and work hard within the beauty industry. Beauty Therapy is not just about painting nails and applying makeup (WHICH ISN'T EASY EITHER WHEN DONE RIGHT WITH THEORY ETC) that's literally 10% of the course. So when others put us down for working hard and learning all about skin, muscles, ingredients and much more it's beyond frustrating. When you're looking for reviews you're relying on us to tell you the truth, oh and not every blog is about beauty may I add. Try lifestyle, fashion and parenting blogs, to name just a few! 

Il be honest, before I took the plunge myself I thought it would be competitive like back like the primary school days when we all needed to have the nicest school bag or the best colouring pencils, but it's not like that at all! Everyone helps each other out, getting you're name out there and those little shout outs make all the difference. People will almost always return the favour! When I attended an event here in Waterford I met so many lovely girls who always help each other out wether it's sharing blogs or again giving shout outs on their snapchat (which I have to watch everyday). This "blogging" world is a more relax and helpful environment. It's really like the nights out you meet girls in the bathroom who are all of a sudden your best friend without really knowing them.. And I love that haha!! 

This point is really important for me. I find people who don't like to put themselves out there will shame those who do. If you're like me, you'll worry about those who know you making fun of you for starting a blog, and that's how I felt when I first started. But as you go on those narrow minded people won't matter.  Social media is a scary world, anyone can look your name up and watch you, and some people probably will have something to say, but at the end of the day, does it really matter what those people think if you enjoy sitting down and writing a blog on something you love? I think not!! There is NO SHAME in blogging, so next time you feel embarrassed by the latest trend about how annoying bloggers are just remember, they will still return to you for reviews, fashion posts or recipes. Full circle people!

I'm sure you all know what this term means. "Keyboard warrior - A person who feels the need to write a negative comment that is not needed or wanted". Lucky, this has only happened to me once, but I've recently been seeing a lot of people put up a post and then throw in that negative comments aren't needed or to keep them to themselves. Why should anyone have to write or say that? In the last week I have seen 5 people say or write that and that very much annoys me! It's totally not needed. If you don't like my eyebrows, I don't need to know? If you don't like my tattoo, so what it's there for life? A negative will not make a person stop doing something they love. Oh and the most popular comment of all "You're voice is annoying" Things that can't be changed should not be talked about. Constructive criticism is fine, as long as you're nice about it, but negativity is not needed. Put yourself in that position, and think would you like to read something horrible about yourself for simply writing a post to help others, no! When it happened to me I was upset not to mention mortified! 
Positivity is alway welcomed and appreciated. 

Basically for today's post I wanted to address these points. People forget how effective social media can be and negative comments can really to hurt some people. I like to think I could ignore these kind of things but until I'm really in that situation I can't fully understand how it might feel. 
If you learn anything from this post I'm  hoping it'll be .. If you've nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all!! 

This post was probably a tad bit heavy but hey, they can't all be about reviews and painting nails ;) LOL

Until next time 

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