Saturday, 30 January 2016

Cocoa Brown Vs Babydoll Cosmetics TANTEST

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For today's little read I'm going to talk about two tan's that I've recently been loving, and both for different reasons!!
So let's just straight into it!!

Cocoa brown has brought out some fabulous products recently and the woman behind it all, Marissa Carter has done an amazing job. But today I'm just going to talk about one product in particular and that's are newest tan!

Cocoa Brown - Brozing Gel -Shimmer

So when this tan first came out my local penny's did not stick it for a while!! And of course I couldn't wait so I purchase mine on Cloud 10 Beauty (now on sale). I wanted to try this tan for many reasons, one because I love Cocoa Brown in general, the smell, the texture and how easy these tans are to apply make it hard not to love! But when I seen the word "SHIMMER" I needed it!!! I love anything that will give you a healthy glow and coming upto Christmas it was perfect! This tan is easy to apply and gives an instant colour, although it does wash off right away in the shower, so I found myself applying this the day of events. I also love the scent, a lot of tan's leave that curry smell (or is it just me that thinks that?) but this tan definitely will not leave an unwanted scent!!! Overall Cocoa Brown is the perfect tan for anyone that needs an instant tan but easy to wash off. If you're someone who cannot wear tan in work but love a glow at the weekend, then this is for you! For me I like to wear this tan at the weekends as college does not allow me to wear tan, this tan washes off like a dream as I said! You can purchase any Cocoa Brown products in leading chemists and penny's! 

Babydolll Tan Godness - Medium 

I recently receive this tan in a goodie bag I was at in Waterford!! I wasn't sure about trying this out as I said .. Cocoa Brown has never failed me. I was also told by other people that it wore off terribly leaving streaks and setting in the pores like the underarms etc. 
I decided to try this one Friday night and my first impressions were great. I exfoliated and moisturised before hand which I think a lot of those people forget to do! When I applied this tan it slided on nicely and the smell of coconut was a nice surprise! The colour immediately turned up. Before I go on any further I must add, you have to be very careful when applying as this continues to develop over a couple of hours. If you're someone who does not like to pay attention to streaks when applying this tan is not for you!! 

The next day the colour had developed even further and because I was careful applying I had no steaks.. Happy days!! I continued to moisturise daily to keep the tan even and after showers only the excess was removed. I loved how I still had a natural colour and did not have to reapply. This tan worked for me because I was willing to moisturise daily to give the tan a lasting life. I had no problems with it wearing off as it did so evenly without any notice. If you're someone who likes a longer wearing tan then this is for you, just be mindful, if you're not prepared to look after it by moisturing then be prepared for streaks that may occur after wear. This tan is around €9.99 and can be bought in most chemist! 

Overall I like both these tans for different reasons. Cocoa Brown washes off nicely and Babydoll Tan Godness lasted upto 7 days. Prior to tanning you should ALWAYS exfoliate and moisturise for best results!! 

I hope you've enjoyed this read and gained an insight to each tan and their best qualities!
That's all from me this weekend!
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