Thursday, 21 January 2016

The TMI Tag!

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Hello lovelies 
So I was recently tagged by the lovely Lyanne Hennessy from ''Beauty and the Brunette'' some questions from the TMI tag.. YAY
Here is Lyanne's Facebook like below;

I decided to pick 20 good questions from the tag to really let you get to know me as some of questions took away from the topic!...
So lets go!!

  1. How tall are you?; I'm definitely on the shorter side of the scale being 5'2 and a HALF... The half matters!!!
  2. How old are you?; I am 20 years old.. Fun Fact that shocks everyone I also share my birthday with my twin brother!
  3. Any tattoo's?; Yes two.. One on my ribs in Arabic meaning 'Dad' and a rose piece on the top of my leg.
  4. Any piercings?; I have my ears done since I was 5 and I also have my bellybutton done.. And I love it.
  5. Favourite show?; Hollyoaks!!! Its the only soap I watch and I'm obsessed! I'm actually watching it right now.
  6. Favourite band; If I had to pick one it would be Kodaline who are an Irish band, but I generally like a lot of bands and music.
  7. Something I miss; My lovely Dad who passed away nearly 8 years ago.
  8. Zodiac sign? Cancer... I'm a Crab which means I'm loyal, dependable, caring, adaptable, and responsive, Not too bad haha!!
  9. Quality you look for in a partner? Someone who is caring, affectionate, funny and loyal. So everything my boyfriend is :)!!
  10. Last show you watched? Making a Murderer and my brain is melted!!!! If you haven't watched it yet you NEED to!
  11. Favourite food? Hahaha... Chicken! And I love crisps.
  12. Last place you were? I went to Turkey in October with my boyfriend. I loved the holiday obviously because of who I went with but I didn't enjoy Turkey as a country.. Just not my cup of tea.
  13. Favourite piece of jewerelly? My gorgeous rose gold watch by Guess that my boyfriend got me for my 20th birthday!!
  14. Fears? WATER.. Because I'm not a great swimmer and I'm afraid of drowning. I have to be able to touch the floor so being 5''2 you can imagine how limitied I am in a pool haha!
  15. Meaning behind your blog name? I used the word Blossoming because I wanted to symbolise the growth of something and in this case, my blog :)
  16. Favourite quote? ''Everything happens for a reason'' 
  17. Place you want to visit? Too many places are on my list! So ... Paris, Oz, New York, Thailand the list goes on!! 
  18. Favourite flavour of sweet? I'm not a big sweet person but I love cheese...
  19. Where do you go when your'e sad? Bed.. I love my bed!
  20. Loud music or soft? Depending on my mood I like loud when I'm in a great mood and ready for a sing song. Soft music probably when I'm tired but I also prefer to turn off the radio in a car if I'm tired or talking.. Which is all the time hahah!

I feel so blunt writing without emojis!! Anyways those are just 20 questions from the TMI tag that everyone has been doing recently. It's nice to just write something light hearted and of course letting you all get to know me that little bit better.. 
That's all for today and I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I definietly will as I'm seeing Kevin Hart on Friday night in Dublin!! I'm too excited!!

See you all soon,

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