Monday, 4 January 2016

My Impressions of Ziaja Skincare

Hi All!!
So it's back to normality again for us all after the festive season!!
I have been absent from blogging and social media in general for the holidays because I wanted to totally relax and that I did for sure!!! 
So for my first post of 2016 I thought I would review a skincare brand I've been trying out since receiving them at the #DeiseBloggers event in November!!


Firstly I'll begin by telling you this is a Polish brand that use natural ingredients and has just recently brought their products to Ireland!
With over 1000 products for ALL skin types it's impossible not to find a product from Ziaja that will work for you and your skin type!
Ziaja also have a Children's range suitable from newborns to kids!!
This range of skincare is 100% affordable as their products start from just 69c for a face mask and you will not pay more than 10 euro as stated on the following website

What I recieved at the event was the Olive Leaf range which was the first ever product to be made 26 years ago by the Polish Pharmacist which is also a top seller with Goats Milk great for sensitive skin and skin disorders and the Cocoa Butter Range (Next on my list as I'm Obsessed  with Cocoa Butter!!)

Olive Leaf - Gel Scrub 

Ziaja Olive Leaf Gel Scrub Bottle

Since I've been using this over a month now its fair to say I've seen results!! I would have quite a dry skin especially in the winter and since using this Micro-Exfoliator my skin has been super soft. My foundation glides on when applying and looks flawless each time. 
I use this every night in my skincare routine as the small mirco beads are not harsh like normal exfoliators, So this allows me to use it daily without any irritation. 
I have noticed my skin is brighter, soft and more radiant even without makeup on. I am delighted with the results and will continue to use this product as my dryness is nearly non existing at this stage!! 
This product is only €5.99 for their full size bottle (200ml) 

Marine Spa Algae - Deep Moisturising  Cream (Dry to Normal)
Ziaja Marine Algae Spa Deep Moisturising Cream tub
I also received this product at the event and have been using every night since. This cream is suited best to a 30 plus skin but has not stopped me using. Again when I seen this was suitable for Dry skin I needed to try it! This might sound like I'm raving but again, I'm loving the results so far!! I really feel my skin has become so hydrated and applying this at night stops the house heating at this time of year drying out my skin further!!

These are the only products I've used from Ziaja but needless to say I will be purchasing more, and definitely the Cocoa  Butter Range... Yum.
This skincare is what is suiting me and my views on it. What suits me may not suit you therefore it is important to know your skin type and what results you want.
And again as I said, These are my honest views, no nonsense or lies to sell this product to you.

I would definitely recommend trying this range for two reasons
1. Natural ingredient's
2. Affordable price's

I hope you've enjoyed this post!! See you in the next one!


Disclaimer; This is NOT a paid post

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  1. This cream is suited best to a 30 plus skin but has not stopped me using.their explanation