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Tomitago Review - The Ultimate Skincare

Hello lovelies!! Welcome back!!

So today's blog is on a new skincare range that I have recently fell in love with!! After I was sent a skincare product for psoriasis to test (still testing) I was then sent these two lovely products that I am going to tell you all about!! 

DISCLAIMER- I was not paid to write this post! These are my genuine thoughts and opinions! 

I should firstly begin by telling you all about Tomitago and where it comes from. Tomitago is 100% chemical free, Irish made and Irish owned (yay for the Irish)!! Louise is the proud owner of this company and so she should be! These products are packed to the brim with natural ingredients that are going to help brighten, moisturise, hydrate and give your skin and overall healthy appearance and who doesn't love that? 
Because these products are chemical free your skin will not feel dry of tight like some products have done for me in the past as strong astringents tend to dry out my skin further!
So I will of course tell you that Tomitago is made in Piltown Co.Kilkenny! Just 20 minutes from where I live and that alone for me is amazing because I have never tried a product so close to home.

A big eye opener for me with the Beauty Elixir (talked about below) is when I was first trying this product out I had just gotten my first Microdermabrasion treatment which is a mechical exfoliant, this removes the stratum corneum layer of the skin (barrier layer) and by doing so tells your skin to act fast and bring nutritients and new blood to the skin to help heal and improve problem areas. After this treatment it is recommended to not use anything with alcohol or perfume in it but I needed something to prevent my skin peeling and drying, so I reached for the Beauty Exlirir. I was impressed with how gentle it felt, I was expecting a slight sting but that did not happen, my skin the next morning felt so soft and I was so happy with how gentle it was because I knew all those amazing ingredients soaked into the skin due to the barrier being removed by the machine. That for me really made me believe in Louise's slogan for her company "Because Green is the new Platinum" 

The Beauty Exlixir 

So this is the product I spoke about above. This in my opinion is amazing due to the 5 in 1 options and it being Unisex, so right away you're getting your money's worth! So when I say 5 in 1 you're probably wondering what I mean, basically this product can be used as 
• Facial Serum 
• Day moisturiser or primer 
• Night Moisturiser 
• Eye Serum
• Eye cream 
For one product you can use this for all of the above. 
The product come in two sizes. The serum itself is light green in colour and very spreadable, it remindes me a lot of how coconut oil would melt in your hands, so a little goes a long way. I used this every night after my cleanse and I gently rubbed this in circular motions all over. I left this do its work over night and the next morning my skin would feel great!! After using this I can official say my skin has never looked clearer, brighter or smoother. My dehydration on my forehead has improved tremendously. For 2016 I think this will be my go to product every night. I'm already worrying about when it's gone but I will 100% be purchasing this! 

Skin Oil

Before now I never used a skin oil, I mainly stuck to creams to help dryness on legs which nearly all us momen suffer from due to shaving, so I didn't know what to expect. When I first tried this the gorgeous smell got my attention straight away, Louise suggests this can be used daily for the scent alone and I agree! I began using this every night on my arms and legs and after some uses I was hooked on this oil, it felt so much more hydrating than any cream I ever used! I even began using this to keep my tan even instead of using creams and it done the same job if not better! I noticed my skin looked glowly especially down my shin bone just like a shimmer would do! I am definitely going to continue using this and for me I think this will be a must for the summer! I want that glowly look for summer who doesn't?? 


If any of you are like me, packaging will excite you. I love how Louise has designed her products, the simply detailing is just gorgeous! The silver tubs with her logo goes so well together and I really do love the simplicity. I find it much better than something over the top. But it gets better, firstly when you open your package you'll find your products in cute nilon bags!!!! Also with every cream you get a wooden spoon to avoid any cross contamination through your fingers! I think Louise thought of every detail either business and I'm so impressed!! 

Both of the products I have spoke about can be bought separately or two in a gift set! Below I will leave the link as Louise has many other products that I will defined be trying!!

I hope you have all enjoyed this little read and would love to see some support for this Irish business! The effort that has been put into this business and the outcome in my opinion deserves it!

Until next time

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