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Nip+Fab - Glycolic Cleansing Fix Review

Hello again!!! 
I've been neglecting my blog for a while but I've decided that I would only use my blog when I needed/wanted to talk more in depth about product/subject etc! 
So with that being said I'm back today to talk about a new product I've been using and why!!

Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleasning Fix

Firstly I wanted to tell you why I decided to give this product a go;
Throughout the winter months my skin tends to become a lot drier, obviously due to the weather and the mix from indoor heating and braving the cold outside can have an effect on the skin. This winter I decided I was going to look after my skin a little better for the winter to prevent my skin from completely drying out on the Tzone like previous years! 

To prevent this I decided to use very rich moisturisers day and night, these contained high oils and one example would be lanolin (sebum from Sheeps wool) although this is great for the skin and it essentially done its job in preventing a dry Tzone, I made the mistake in over using this product. 
The results? My forehead became very congested and had trapped oils under the skin, leaving me with small bumps that picked up worse with foundation on.
I discontinued use and began exfoliating in hope it would work but that failed.

I had decided to try microdermabrasion in college and after two treatments there was no change in this area.
So after learning about Glycolic acid in college I decide to try this Nip and Fab Product.

What is Glycolic acid?
This is used to hydrate the skin, stimulate collagen production, exfoliating or resurface the skin! 
This penetrates deeper into the skin as it has a smaller molecule!
Nip & Fab has a glycolic level of 2% enough for at home! (Salons can be as high as 40-50%) 
* Do not use with - Broken skin, sunburn, flared acne, recent scar tissue, waxing, removal creams etc)* 

After seeing this particular product in my local Sam Mc Cauleys Chemist I decided to try it and at a reduced price of €7.50 I couldn't leave it there.
I started use immediately that night! My first impressions were;
The cleanser lathered up well and washed my face nicely (leaving no trace of makeup)
• My skin felt soft, Nearly like I had exfoliated 
• My skin was super glowly and had a shine to it
I had not seen a difference in my congested area just yet after after one use I was happily surprised with the other factors.

After my second use;
All the above had stayed the same. Although my skin did feel softer around my Tzone, especially my nose! 

My third use;
I began to see my congested area slightly  break down. I only noticed this due to applying my makeup. I honestly seen those little bumps become smaller and less noticeably. I continued my use.

Nearly one month later this product is by far a new love for me. My forehead is less congested, I've seen at least an 80% improvement in this area and those bumps are no longer noticeable when makeup is applied. I have decided to continue using this product 3 times a week, as I don't want to overuse use Glycolic acid (personally preference). 
I 100% believe in this product and due to all the other factors this cleansing is amazing to overall resurface the skin and give you a gorgeous glow for the summer. 
It must be working if even my boyfriend noticed a glow to my skin (his words) 

Overall this product has a massive thumbs up for me! The Nip & Fab range is well and truly on its way up in the world, and hey, if it's good enough for Brand Ambassador Kylie Jenner, then it's good enough for us! 

I hope this review has giving you an insight! For other skincare, makeup and beauty related reviews head over to my snapchat account " @bbeauty_jan
*This was not a paid post,
These are my own thoughts and views*

Until next time,

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