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REVIEW Artistry Exact Fit Longwearing Foundation

Welcome back!
Today I wanted to talk about a foundation I received for Rachel Dalton Communications a little over two weeks ago!
I really wanted to give this foundation a go before talking about it because my opinions changed on this a few times throughout! 
If you follow my snapchat you know I use a lot of budget makeup to show you what you can create without high end brands. Although this foundation isn't exactly budget friendly I do still think it's worth talking about! 
So let's go!

Firstly this brand isn't very known to us Irish! The first time I heard of Artistry was when I received a product in my Glossy Box which never really grew on me! So I was eager to see what this foundation was like, so being makeup obsessed I had to try this out the morning it came in the post! 

My first impressions weren't all the great if I'm honest. I had prepped my skin like I always would on a casual day using my Orangic Surge blissful daily moisturiser. On this particular day I didn't want to wear a lot of makeup so I was really just trying the foundation!
I firstly found it hard to work with; I love a water base foundation because of how blendable they are and this I would consider a little thicker in consistency!! 
Once I had it applied it began to set matte! Which I like but I'm really into DEWY skin lately! Overall my first impression that day was I thought it was like any other foundation but I couldn't understand the hefty price tag!!?

On my second application I decided to really prep before hand and give this a real chance! I applied my 
•Ps "Pennys" Radiance Balm (I find this works really well with my dry skin and gives that glow I wanted underneath) 
•Youngblood Sea Mineral Primer! LOVE 
I wanted to use a dewy product under this foundation as I didn't want to be completely matte! 
I used my Glam and Co buffer brush to apply this foundation as I wanted to really buff the product into my skin rather than have it sit on top! A dense brush will give you better full coverage, flawless application etc! 
All these steps changed my opinion immediately! It felt very light weight on my skin and the coverage was AMAZING! The best thing about this product is one or two pumps for the face is all that's needed! And I don't need a second layer! Hence why it feels so light weight! 

Highlighter on areas reflecting!

I watched my face though out the day, I would not be oily in any way shape or form, but from time to time I would get SLIGHT oil production around my nose, but this foundation kept it completely matte and avoided that horrid shine! 
My foundation would usually wear away on my forehead (I focus on this area with primer) and again it did not budge! 
Lastly the biggest thing for me was that it was matte so I was worried about it drying out my T-Zone (after all my work keeping it under control I didn't want it to become dry again) 
I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it did not pick up on dry patches (good prep needed) and it did not sit in creases or dry my skin out! 

Later that night after probably nearly 9 hours it was still prefect. Definitely not ready to be washed off! I honestly felt my skin looked amazing due to how clear and flawless it looked without being cakey! 
This review might sound a little too good to be true but I can honestly say I love it and have continued to use it since! 

My opinions;
•Prep skin well before application!
•Use a dense foundation brush!
•Suitable for ALL skin types (especially oily) 

So you're probably wondering the price tag? ... €48 
With this foundation you really are paying for quality! We all want something that will last all day and this definitely does!
Also with 14 shades I think there's a shade perfect for every skin colour. 
Shop here;,artistry-exact-fit-longwearing-foundation-l1-n1?mobile.redirected=true#

Lastly I want to say a massive thank you to Moira at Rachel Dalton Communications for sending this gem out to me! It really has become a favourite for me!

I hope you've all enjoyed this read, I would love to know if you purchase this or even your own reviews on this product if you've tried it! 
Also you can join my snapchat for makeup tutorials and much more! 

Thanks for reading! 
Until next time,
** This was NOT a paid post/review**

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