Monday, 20 June 2016

Polar White Pro - Review

Hi all !!
I'm back after a long, unintentional break from my blog!!
I was super busy but in the meantime I have been gathering some new content for you all!
If you follow my snapchat (bbeauty_jan) you would of seen I was sent some amazing products from Karora Cosmetics, which I'm happily trailing now and loving to review later!

In that package was a product I have previously tried in the past.
With this particular product I wasn't going to write a review as I don't like to spend much time writing about something I don't believe in. Also it takes time away from writing good, positive content.
But now that I have received it as part of a package I feel I need to.
This is by no means a blog to 'bash' the product. I'm simply sharing my experience with you and how I felt about it overall.

So I firstly came across the Polar White Pro at the Irish Beauty Show last year. I was searching for a teeth whitening product that was easy and convenient for some time, so when I seen this at one of the makeup stands I didn't hesitate in buying it (I have no will power) for €10 I couldn't  leave it there..Could I?

Later that week I was excited to try it, expecting gorgeous pearly whites after consecutive use. I read through the instructions and thought THIS IS GREAT, so easy, no fuss !!
Until I actually began.
So I done as instructed ..

1. Rotate pen to dispense product into brush.. CHECK 
2. HOLD A WIDE SMILE.... and apply product to teeth, WITHOUT touching gums or lips... Eh check 
3. Leave for 20 minutes without rinsing, eating or drinking. Check! 
Sounds easy right?

I done all the above and immediately became annoyed with the process, how on earth am I expected to stand there and hold a wide, abnormal smile for 20 minutes??
What happened next you're probably wondering? 
- Immediately my face and cheeks began to hurt due to the creepy, wide smile I had to pull will looking in at myself trying not to laugh!! 
- My lips became as dry as the Sahara Desert  which was obviously painful.
- My mouth began to produce excess saliva, this then began to wash away the product because it was so hard not to swallow!!

After 10 minutes the product was gone, I gave up and thought the pain in my cheeks is NOT worth pearly whites!
But I gave it another go two days later.. I REALLY wanted this to work!

But unfortunately all the above happened again,
•Sore face
•Lips like Mahatma Gandhi's flip flop

This time I experienced something different, My teeth felt very sensitive afterwards which I didn't like as I wanted to use something safe all along, and this made me doubt the product. After brushing my teeth I noticed I had one or two patches on my teeth, almost like it had eaten away at my tooth. So I decided there and then I wasn't going to try this again.

I was really disappointed in the product overall! It wasn't easy or convenient and has really almost made me scared to try another brand/product like this,
I think it would of worked  better with a gum shield or tray (which I considered buying after trial one)

I'm by no means bashing this product, it just didn't work for me and because it was my first I'm reluctant to try another. Maybe I'll leave it to the professionals and go to the dentist!!

Lastly I want to let you know I bought the first with my own money, yes I was sent the same product but I have not used it which I feel terrible about because I would of said no if I had of know it was the same one!! I hope this read was informative and I would love to hear on how it worked for you if you have tried it!

But that's all for tonight,
See you soon!!


  1. Oh jeez that does not sound good! I am on a mission to have 'hurt your eyes' white teeth but I have yet to find an in store whitening product that makes any difference.