Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bondi Sands VS Bellamianta

Welcome back!!
So if you're reading todays blog post I'm guessing you love tan?
Also the next guess is you've heard about BOTH these tan's by now! As they have become very much VIRAL over the last couple of months!
So after some time reviewing each I've picked my favourite and why!

Bondi Sands

I firstly become aware of this tan through social media like Instagram (janat_blossomingbeauty). The pictures were everywhere showing off a gorgeous deep colour on the most beautiful girls! And of course I was thinking straight away I had to try it! It wasn't for couple of weeks later that I seen Chemists like Mulligans began stocking them and I picked myself up the Tanning foam in DARK!
Lets start with the

  • You will smell like a giant coconut... Who doesn't want that?
  •  Easy application but must use the right glove! I used glove your body
  • Colour guide
  • Wears off nicely
  • It will not wash down your drain after your first shower!
  • Definietly not as dark as I thought. Pictures online were not true to colour!
  • Transfers onto bed sheets
  • A lot of product needs to be used
  • Does not exfoliate off well!!
  • EXPENSIVE 22 Euro

Overall my first I'mpression I was left disappointed. I wasn't happy with the colour at all as I wanted the colour I saw on their models! After my first try I really felt the pictures were misleading and not true to colour!
On the second application I prepped really well (I always would) But I took extra care this time hoping I would be as impressed as I saw others were, and I wasn't. Again It was not 'DARK' at all.
And to save you the read and me the typing, all my other applications were the same.
I've decided to leave this tan as my go to Day tan, when I originally wanted this to be used for a dark glow on a night out. It's strange to me that the Dark colour was so light! But I will say it is a nice tan to wear throughout the week/day.

Bellamianta Tan LOTION

So again, you've probably heard of this tan!! Everyone from SoSueMe to Tara Makeup is wearing it!! So it was be good, right? Well I had to try myself, and I LOVE!
Again I myself seen this on social media and needed it, After being disappointed with my other attempt looking for a night tan, I was praying this would work for me!
The best thing about this tan is the NO SMELL and the OLIVE tone to it, perfect for all skin types in my opinion and especially us Irish gals!

  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Olive tone, great for all skin types
  • NO transfer
  • SO EASY to apply
  • Water resistant
  • Colour Guide
  • Even wear off
  • Buildable colour without streaks
  • Ehhh... There's no bigger bottle?
  • Expensive

I really can't find a fault in this tan. It has suited me so much regarding colour, how easy it applies and everything inbetween. It IS true to pictures and has absolutely no odour. This has definitely been easy for me to love!
The olive tone compelelty keeps you away from the horrid 'Orange' look and gives you the most amazing dark but natural tan!! If you're looking for a great tan this is definielty a must!! At 20 Euro it is expenisive but worth every penny!!

Bellamianta wins this one for me! I find it hard to even compare this to ANY other tan I've used!! I will definielty be keeping this one in my drawer!
Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed it!
All the best,

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