Monday, 3 July 2017

Tan Organics Dry Oil - A Tanning MUST for summer 2017

Hello Strangers!!

Its seriously been a hot minute since I last sat down and wrote on here!
College and working can really take over, but now all that has calmed down I can finally start getting back to the keyboard and engage with you all again!

It's summer here in Ireland which means just a little less rain than usual and not a lot of sun but us pastey girls still want to fake that bronze, glowy look!
Tan brands are rampant in Ireland at the moment and has even gotten its own day dedicated to it on a fine Thursday evening after work!

This post isn't about my favourite tan, but about this wonder product I have been using for about a month now and I couldn't be without!
**Mulligans Pharmacy kindly sent me this product but this is NOT a sponsored post nor was I paid**


Tan Organic Dry Oil

Voted Irelands best tanning prep - I bet you're interested now!!
This mutli-use product can be used on your body, face, hair, pop into your bath or even your foundations! So you will definitely get your moneys worth!
But my favourite use is before tanning and prolonging tan!

How I Use

When tanning I think a lot of us forget how important prepping your skin is.
Heres what I do;

Day Before

1. Shave the day before your tan to ensure pores are closed
2. Exfoliate the skin as this will remove all dead skin cells and help the tan glide on
3. Moisturise, taking care on drier areas (knees, feets,elbow etc)

Tanning Day

Your skin has been prepared nicely the night before so today

1) Apply your Dry Oil on the drier areas on the body, I also put this under the bust, hands and on the area on the chest where your bra straps sit as tan also tends to stick here or become patchy.

2) Apply your tan of choice. (Apply lightly on hands, elbows and feet)

Prolonging Your Tan

This is where the Tan Organic dry oil really comes into play as the jam packed bottle of essential oils will penetrate deep into the dermis and moisturise the skin without leaving an oily residue.
This oil will also help give an even fade to your tan as the days go by.

I honestly have never had a better tan application since using this product. I really do find my tan lasting longer than usual with an even fade and my skin feeling like velvet. I have also started using this on a regular basic even without tan on as I find it great for daily moisturising or to throw on at night before bed... Did I mention it smells amazing too?

The Tan Organic Moisturising Dry Oil gets a huge thumbs up for me!
Retailing at 24.95e with months of use this product is worth a try of you're a tan lover!!

Get tanning ladies!


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