Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to make your OWN lipstick palette!

Hello lovely ladies!

So today's blog is going to be on DIY (yay)!! I love anything to do with DIY so if you're interested in this type of work then keep on  reading.
Today's project is on... ''How to make your very own lipstick palette''! This is perfect for putting all your favourite shades into one place. Travel easily with it or even make this for a friend for a birthday or Christmas present! 
So lets go!!

What you will need for this project
  • An empty palette
  • All your favourite lipstick shades to de-pot
  • Lit candle or tealight candle
  • Knife
  • An old Spoon
  • Towel to work on

Step one : Place your towel down on your area to make sure your work space does not get ruined. Clean all equipment you will be using (ie. Knife, spoon and palette! Hygiene is everything!)

Step two : Firstly you will have to clean your empty palette. I got my palette from Ebay for two euro! Sanitise the empty pots to ensure you are transferring your lipsticks go into a clean pot!

Step three : Pick the first lipstick you want to use. I started with a light shade to make the palette flows nicely starting with nudes. Take your knife and cut half of your lipstick (the amount may vary depending on how deep your pot is) place the cut lipstick onto your clean spoon.

Step four : Light your candle, I used a tea light candle as I found it easier to use!! Once the flame has calmed down place your spoon with the lipstick over the candle. *NOTE* Do not put the spoon directly on the flame! Have the spoon 2-3 inches over the flame. Keep the spoon moving in a circular motion as the lipstick starts to melt. Do not let the lipstick bubble or boil as this will change the composition of the lipstick which will ruin it and leave bubbles in the pot. 

Step five : Once your lipstick has fully melted place the spoon over the pot and slowly pour into the pot! Fill to the top and leave to dry for 10-15 minutes. 

Step six : Continue all the above for your next lipstick!!

That's it!! So simply and effective. For anyone that may be worried about ruining their lipstick I promise you this will NOT destroy your lipstick. The only way this may damage your lipstick is if you let it boil so do this with care! 
Powder products may also be used but this is a different process therefore if you would like to see a blog on how to do so let me know!!
Also, Over on my Facebook is a 30 second video showing you how to depot and melt your lipstick so head over there for more posts and a fabulous competition running until the 16th of October!! 
Link is below. 

I hope you liked this DIY tip and enjoy putting all your favourite shades together!!
Until next time

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